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I only post when people tell me to
In keeping with the tradition of only posting when alexiscartwheel pokes me, I bring you another meme!

1. What is the Canadian indie band of the moment and why should I listen to them?

There are a ton to talk about right now, with the Juno Award nominees having been announced recently (the Canadian version of the Grammys, for the uninitiated). I'm gonna pick a band that's been around for 20 years but still manages to be relevant: Sloan. They're a pop-rock band that I'd call the 21st century's answer to the Beatles. Compared to the experimentation going on in the U.S. indie landscape, it's refreshing when one of Sloan's quick, simple, and catchy earworms comes up on my XM radio.

2. Rusy Who or Moffatt Who? Discuss.

For me this comes down to the dilemma of Ten/Donna vs. the 11th Doctor in general. Because I love Matt Smith—more than David Tenant, and possibly more than Sylvester McCoy, my absolute favorite. It's too bad his Doctor is so wrapped up in Moffatt's semi-nonsensical plots. Ten/Donna, though, is my favorite Doctor/Companion team, and reminds me of a time when Doctor Who was new and exciting for me (flying through the first three seasons just in time for the fourth to start!).

So I guess it's a deadlock—I can't decide!

3. Favorite character from a Joss Whedon series?

It's probably not surprising that I'm going to say Faith. Whedon's characters are at their best when tormented, and Faith is ever so angsty. This also reminds me that I really need to catch up on Buffy Season 8 so I can check out this new Angel & Faith comic series. Those two made such a good angst/angst team on Angel.

4. Last board game you played?

Civilization, the board game. This is a board game version of the computer classic, which is a game I've played every version of since the first one came out in 1991. As a board game, it's epic—which means it's published by Fantasy Flight, has a zillion pieces, and involves taking over the world.

5. In BSG's final season, who/what is Starbuck?

The crack answer: A figment of Lee's grief-stricken imagination who disappears once he lets go of his tortured lover for her. The
probable answer: A stupid angel/ghost thing who disappears when her mission to get everyone to Earth is accomplished.

6. You can be monarch of any world nation. Which one do you pick?

I'd pick Britain. They really know ow to treat their queens over there.

7. Best book you read last year?

I thought this was going to be a difficult question to answer, but when I look back at my list on Goodreads, the clear winner is The Hunger Games. A few others: Late Eclipse by Seanan McGuire and Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, which represent my new favorite urban fantasy and fantasy series, respectively.

I'll probably be trying to do some more blogging soon, but over on my Wordpress, which is much prettier. And for some reason LJ keeps doing weird things when I hit the backspace key more than once.

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 Omg I'm posting! It's just a meme from alexiscartwheel but hey, it has to do with music, there fore I have to do it.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your live journal along with your seven songs.

Tell 'Em by Sleigh Bells - I know Sleigh Bells are totally an of-the-moment buzz band, but I can't get their infectious, messy riffs out of my head. I'll probably have to pick up this album when it comes out.

Moves by The New Pornographers - The New Pornographers have added some crazy heavy string riffs to their fun pop sound, and it really works. Can't get this out of my head! 

Juliette by Hollerado - CBC Radio 3 rocks my world, and everything I've heard by Hollerado is pretty fantastic. Took me quite a few listens to realize how sad this song is, though.

Santa Monica by Jay Malinowski - Malinowski is better known as the singer for Bedoin Soundclash, but he's a pretty awesome solo artist, as well. Such a pretty song.

Apple Pie Bed by Lawrence Arabia - I think madmuppet2k 's description while seeing these guys in concert sums them up the best: "They're like the kiwi Beach Boys."

Stranger by Dr. Dog - I wasn't too excited with their last album, but Dr. Dog's new album has an old school bluesy sound that I really like.

The Great Collapse by The Zolas - Piano rock! Another fun Canadian artist, I like how this song is super catchy and yet the lyrics evoke mental images of armageddon.

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Ashes to Ashes!
alex/gene OTP
I have now attempted to make this post three times and am getting quite annoyed at LiveJournal. So, without further ado, some cracky Ashes to Ashes speculation that I promised alexiscartwheel .
This may or may not make sense...Collapse )

Alex Made Me!
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 alexiscartwheel poked me to post, so I bring you:

The hottest picture EVER. Neko Case will stab you with a sword.

Guh, such a girlcrush.

The new New Pornographers album comes out May 4. Look them up NOW!

2009 Reading List!
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Yeah I know I'm totally behind in posting this, but I might as well do it before January is over, at least. I didn't end up reading as much last year as in 2008, but I did end up doing a lot more than just sitting around my apartment geeking out (not that that wasn't amazing, alexiscartwheel !).

The ListCollapse )

End of Time!
Holy crap! Look at me, actually posting on LJ! I've been such a bad daywaster these last few months! The whole moving thing threw me out of my normal daywasting routine, so I've had to find a new one. And now, after obsessively watching the first season of Bones in a week, I think I can take some time out of my "busy" schedule to post.

So let's talk about The End of Time!Collapse )

Best TV freakout ever.
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Wow I haven't posted in forever. Maybe I should do that. For now, though, I have to share one of the funniest mental breakdowns ever witnessed on television.

A little setup: In the Bionic Woman episode Deadly Ringer, Jaime is confronted with an old nemesis that has had plastic surgery to look exactly like her (plastic surgery miracle, apparently). She is then mistaken for the other woman and ends up in jail. Since she insists that she is Jaime Sommers, they lock her in a padded mental ward cell. And then this happens:

Yeah. Scary.

Seven <3
Boredom = me spending too much time on who_anon and who_secrets. But I found this picture, which is amazing. I'm referring to the first one on the page, of course. Because it's so, so true.

I did a really OCD thing...
Neko Case
It's almost the end of June, and music sites all over the internet are crammed with lists of their favorite albums so far this year. It's been a great year for music so far. I've discovered some great new and old bands over the past six months (obsessively, you could say).

And the winners are...Collapse )

Un Lun Dun by China Miéville
Wendy Watson
I have quickly become a fan of the strange and fantastic worlds and cities of China Miéville. When I heard about Un Lun Dun, though, I wondered how his liberally-descriptive narrative style would translate to a young adult novel.

There should have been no question to begin with.Collapse )
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